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Passengers can't leave planes due to storm in Keflavík

By Staff

  • Stuck in the storm and rain No planes have been allowed to dock with the terminal due to the storm. Photo/Vilhelm

Due to the severe weather in South West Iceland passengers have not been allowed to leave planes which have landed in Keflavík Airport. The airport authority hopes that the storm will slow down sufficiently to allow the planes to dock and the passengers to enter the terminal. Windspeeds in Keflavík have exceeded 40 m/s (90 mph).

Due to the severe weather all departures and arrivals at Keflavík airport were canceled early morning. The first planes were allowed to land between nine and ten, but the wind is still too severe to allow the planes to dock. 

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At 9:45 nine planes had landed with several more scheduled to land. The passengers onboard the planes are still waiting to disembark. Meanwhile passengers who have booked flights out of Iceland are waiting inside the terminal. A spokesman for the airport told the local news site Vísir that staff is keeping a close eye on the wind, waiting for an opportunity to allow the planes to dock.

Meanwhile travellers are asked to show patience and expect delays.

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