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Passengers of 19 airplanes waited out the storm on the tarmac in Keflavík

By Staff

  • Docked at the terminal Airport staff has been scrambling to minimize the impact of the morning's disruption. Photo/Anton Brink

Air traffic in Keflavík is slowly getting back to normal after the morning's disruptions. Due to the severe weather and storm all international departures or arrivals were suspended until the weather improved. All flights scheduled to depart or land between 3 am and 9 am were delayed.

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After planes were allowed to land between 9 and 10 in the morning it was still too windy to allow them to dock with the terminal. The planes and passengers had to wait on the tarmac for the storm to calm down.

According to information from the airport 19 planes waited out the storm on the tarmac. At half past ten the first planes docked with the terminal. The planes which waited longest before being allowed to dock waited for 80 minutes.

Windspeeds at Keflavík reached hurricane force in individual gusts. Windgusts in excess of 40 m/s (90 mph) were recorded in Keflavík.

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