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Park rangers spend much of their time trying to repair damages done to nature

  • On the road. It is important to stay on marked trails and roads all the time while travelling around Iceland. Photo/Vilhelm Gunnarsson

According to the Icelandic Broadcasting Service, park rangers in Vatnajökull National Park spend much of their time trying to repair damages done by off road driving.

Bryndís Skúladóttir, park ranger in the Kverkfjöll region, says staff will stop motorists in order to inform them on the consequences off road driving has on nature. Those caught red handed are often urged to assist rangers with repairs – a task most people gladly undertake according to Bryndís.

“Many motorists are not quite clear on what classifies as off road driving. We put a lot of work and effort into erasing marks that form when two vehicles meet on the narrow gravel roads; Many people get nervous in those situations and will steer off the road and on to sensitive grounds, leaving ugly tire marks in the soil,” Bryndís explains.

The impact off road driving has on nature has been widely discussed over the past weeks. Many argue that information is insufficient and that foreign travellers are not always aware of the damage done to the environment. 

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