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The pagan temple will neither be contemporary nor reminiscent of the Viking age

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  • The wait is over The Icelandic Ásatrúarfélag will soon have their own temple, located in Öskjuhlíð in Reykjavík. Photo/Stefán Karlsson

The pagan temple which is to be constructed in Öskuhlíð, Reykjavík, will be built from Icelandic timber and shaped by its surroundings, says the buildings architect. This will be the first central pagan temple to be built in the Nordic Countries since the Viking age. Construction starts in March and is to be completed in 2016.

Magnús Jensson, arkitekt

Magnús Jensson, architect. Photo/GVA

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The 350 square metres (3767 sq ft) temple will have a vaulted ceiling and seat around 250 people. According to architect Magnús Jensson, who also happens to be a member of the Ásatrú association, the temple will be built into the surrounding cliffs and overlook the Nauthólsvík beach and the neighbouring Kársnes peninsula in the south.

“The idea was to create a timeless and natural structure. The building will neither be contemporary nor reminiscent of the Viking age,” Magnús told Channel 2 news.

Membership in Ásatrúarfélagið has tripled in the last decade and now counts around 2,500 members.

Drawings of the temple and its location are featured in Channel 2 News’ report.  


Pagan temple, Hof, Ásatrú

Here one can see the location of the temple. Photo/Google Maps


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