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Overwhelming majority of Icelanders believes life is fair

By Staff

  • On a beautiful day on Austurvöllur Icelanders are remarkably content, despite the frustrating lack of decent summer weather! Photo/Anton.

Almost three quarters of Icelanders believe life is fair, according to a new poll by the polling firm MMR. The poll found that 72% of Icelanders believe life is generally fair, while 28% feel life is unfair.

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Perhaps unsurprisingly the poll found a strong correlation between income and the likelihood that people felt life was fair. While only 57% of people with a family income of less than 49,000 USD/44,000 EUR annually felt life was fair, 81% of those with a income of more than 123,000 USD/110,000 EUR, felt life was fair. 

Icelanders also grow more likely to appreciate the fairness of life with growing age. 60% of people 18-29 years old feel life is fair, while 83% who are older than 68 feel life is fair. 

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