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Overnight stays at hotels sets new record in December: 56% year-over-year increase

By Staff

  • Downtown Reykjavík The occupancy ratio at Reykjavík hotels was 84.5% in December. Photo/GVA

According to new data from Statistics Iceland the number of overnight stays at Icelandic hotels in December 2016 was 287,400, which is an increase of 56% compared with December 2015. Nights spent by foreign travellers accounted for 90% of the total number of overnight stays in November, and increased by 59% compared with November 2015. At the same time, the overnight stays of Icelanders increased by 10%.The increase in overnight stays during 2016, compared to 2015 is 33%.  

Most foreign travellers stayed at hotels in the capital region, where the number of overnight stays was 213,000. 74% of all overnight stays were in the capital region. The largest single group of foreign travellers came from the UK, with 89,700, followed by American travellers, who accounted for 65,900 overnight stays.

63.6% occupancy rate for hotels in December 
The occupancy rate for hotel bedrooms in December was 63.1%, an increase of 16.8 percentage points compared to December 2015. The occupancy ratio was highest in the capital region, where it was 84.5%. 

The average occupancy rate for 2016 was 71.3%, which is an increase of 7.4 percentage points compared to 2015, when it was 63.9%.

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