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Over 60-events at Reykjavik Arts Festival, opens in May

By Staff

  • Photo by Rafael Pinho, based on performance piece Piano Transplants (1968-2005) by Anneu Lockwood. It wil be a part of an exhibition that opens in the National Gallery of Iceland May 29.

Reykjavik Arts Festival (Listhátíð Reykjavíkur) opens in just seven weeks and the schedule is already available online.

The festival’s artistic director, Hanna Styrmisdóttir, told that the title of this year’s festival is “Not finished”, but the title reflects the creative work of an artist never being completed. 500 artists from over 20 countries participate, or have one of their works displayed at Listhátíð this year.

People can buy tickets via the Festival’s website by clicking on an event they’d like to attend.  

Reykjavík Arts Festival opens May 22.

Reykjavík Arts Festival. By Visit Reykjavík


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