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Orange weather alerts still in effect for SE, E and N Iceland: Violent winds, blizzard

By Staff

  • Winter conditions This photo was taken earlier this week in Patreksfjörður town in the Westfjords. Photo/AIG, Vísir

The violent winter storm which has been pummeling much of Iceland seems to be in no mood to loosen its grip. Orange weather alerts are still in effect for South East, East and North Iceland, and the Central Highlands. Limited visibility due to blowing snow in the north and the Westfjords and violent winds in the southeast and east, as well as icy roads in all parts of Iceland make for dangerous driving conditions.

The IRCA has closed several heath- and mountain roads. More could be closed as the weather continues to deteriorate.

Dangerous storm conditions in the South East
The Icelandic Meteorological Office warns of dangerous driving conditions in South East and East Iceland today beginning at noon. In the South East the IMO is forecasting a northwesterly whole gale from 11:00 until early morning tomorrow. Sustained wind speeds of 20-28 m/s (45-63 mph) with individual wind gusts reaching 45 to 55 m/s (100-123 mph) in the foothills of Vatnajökull glacier. 

These windgusts, which reach hurricane force, can easily cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles or blow cars off the road. Travellers should reconsider any travel plans in the region, as police will likely close the Ring Road when the storm hits.

The storm will calm down early tomorrow morning, although driving conditions will remain dangerous until at least 17:00 on Saturday. The IMO has declared a yellow weather alert for the South East for tomorrow, expecting a severe gale with individual wind gusts reaching 30-40 m/s (67-90 mph). 

Blizzard and storm in Eastfjords and North Iceland
An orange weather alert is also in effect for the Eastfjords and all of North Iceland. The IMO is forecasting blizzard conditions until early morning or noon tomorrow. Northerly and northwesterly severe gale, with sustained wind speeds of 20-28 m/s (45-63 mph) and individual windgusts reaching 40 m/s (90 mph) in the Eastfjords, but somewhat calmer winds in North Iceland.

Extremely poor visibility due to snowfall and blowing snow in the entire region. 

Travellers are asked to study the weather forecast as well as updated weather alerts and road conditions carefully before embarking on any trips today.


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