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Only 3% of Icelanders deny humans are responsible for global climate change

By Staff

A new poll reveals that the vast majority of Icelanders are worried or very worried about global climate change and that climate change is caused by human activity. The poll, conducted by the polling firm Maskína revealed that only 6.6% of Icelanders say they are not worried about global climate change and just 3% said they do not think humans are responsible for global warming.

Near consensus among Icelanders about reality, causes of global warming
Men, those with less education, the voters of the conservative Independence party and center-right and socially conservative Progress Party were less likely to worry about global climate change, or to accept human role in climate change. 

The poll showed that 69.8% were either somewhat or very worried about global climate change. 23.6% said that they were neither worried nor not worried while 6.6% said they were not worried. When asked about the causes of global climate change 86.8% said they were either very certain or somewhat certain that it was man made, while 3% said they felt it was either unlikely or very unlikely that global climate change was man made.

Unusually warm weather, freak weather events
The past year was one of the hottest on record in Iceland. This winter has been unusually warm, with several freak weather incidences, including a remarkable 19°C (66°F) at the Eyjabakkar weather station at the north-eastern edge of Vatnajökull glacier in the central highlands on February 10. 

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The local news site Austurfrétt reports that the Icelandic Meteorological Office has not yet confirmed the reading. If confirmed it would set a temperature record for the month of February.

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