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One in four Americans would like to visit Iceland, poll reveals

By Staff

  • Northern Lights With longer nights the Northern Lights season has already started in Iceland. 73% of US travellers who name Iceland as their dream destination cite the Aurora as the primary attraction. Photo/Vilhelm

Interest in Iceland as a travel destination shows no signs of dropping, at least among Americans a new poll reveals. The poll shows that Iceland is one of the three top dream destinations for US travellers. The other two are Dubai and Costa Rica. 

The online flight comparison site us.jetcost polled people on their dream vacation destination, revealing most people named Dubai (29%), followed by Costa Rica (25%) and Iceland (24%). When asked what attracted them most about Iceland most people named the Northern Lights (73%). According to CBS news, which reported on the poll, other destinations US travellers named were Italy, Kenya, Croatia, Brazil, Switzerland, Samoa and Cyprus.

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The Northern Lights season has already started in Iceland: With longer nights people have a good chance to catch nature's most spectacular shows. 

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