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Omnom chocolate joins Reykjavík Pride with unicorn rainbow chocolate

By Staff

  • Rainbows and unicorns Omnom is Iceland's only bean-to-bar chocolate maker. Photo/Omnom

Tomorrow is the highpoint of the Reykjavík Pride Festival when the Parade Pride, described as one of the "world's biggest little pride parades" takes place. 

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To celebrate last year's Reykjavík Pride the chocolate maker Omnom has released a special limited chocolate bar. Omnom is an official sponsor of Reykjavík Pride, and proceeds from the sales of the bars went to funding the festival and its causes.

Originally the chocolate which is made with 50% milk chocolate and topped with caramel pieces coated in even more chocolate was a limited edition batch, but due to its popularity it is now available all year round. The chocolate maker is promising that anyone who buys the chocolate from the factory store on Grandi, on the western edge of the Old Harbor, will receive a (temporary) unicorn tattoo as a complimentary gift. 

We at Iceland Magazine can vouch for the quality of the Omnom chocolate (Omnom is not a sponsor of Iceland Magazine, nor have they ever advertised with us, so it's not financial interests that spur us to recommend the chocolate!), and their factory store on Grandi is a must visit for any chocolate lover strolling around the harbor area.

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