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Old baiting sheds in Reykjavík to be restored to their former glory

By Staff

  • Ægisíða bathed in the evening sun. Parts of the old baiting sheds can be seen on the left. Photo/Valli

According to the cultural and tourist board in Reykjavík has agreed to restore the old baiting sheds on Ægisíða in Reykjavík.

The sheds were utilized by fishermen who used to catch female lumpfish during spawning season. However, after having stood unused for decades the sheds have become derelict and run-down.

Marta Guðjónsdóttir and Júlíus Vífill Ingvarsson, members of the Independence Party in Reykjavík (Sjálfstæðisflokkurinn), introduced the proposal to fellow City Council members who all agreed to restoration of the old sheds.

According to Marta and Júlíus Vífill the old baiting sheds are the oldest remains of what used to be a lively fishing culture. 

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