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Now you can drink your morning coffee from this Moominesque Trapped mug

By Staff

  • Zipping your jacket in a blizzard is overrated This coffee cup with a rendering of the two main characters of the hit-TV crime drama Trapped is now available online. Photo/Redscharlach.

Earlier this month the moominesque rendering of the policewoman Hinrika from Trapped by English artist and blogger Redscharlach caught our attention. Since then she has added a rendering of Hinrika’s partner, Andri.

“As a partner for my rendition of Hinrika from Trapped, here’s the redoubtable Andri, his anorak remaining brazenly open despite the Icelandic chill.”

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She has also released a mug where the two characters standing together. The mugs have received rave reviews from happy customers, almost all of whom seem to have bought the cups for friends or family.


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