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Nobody hurt in fire at downtown hotel yesterday afternoon

By Staff

  • Icelandair Hotel Natura Initially it was feared the roof of the hotel had caught fire. Photo/Helga

Shortly after three in the afternoon yesterday the Metropolitan Police and Fire Department received a call that a fire had broken out at Icelandair Hotel Natura on the outskirts of downtown Reykjavík. All available fire engines and first responders were dispatched to the site and the hotel was evacuated.

The fire had broken out on the hotel roof, and thick black smoke plumes rose from the hotel while the fire department was getting the situation under control. 

Possibly caused by a pizza oven fire 

Hotel Natura fire

At the scene Hotel Natura is the oldest Icelandair hotel in Reykjavík. Photo/Helga

According to the Metropolitan Fire Department the fire had broken out inside a ventilation duct on the top floor of the hotel. The fire remained isolated inside the air duct and did not spread to the roof itself. Initially it was feared the roof had caught fire, as the tall flames rose from the ventilation opening. 

The fire department had put the fire out by 15:45 and shortly thereafter guests and staff were allowed to return to the hotel. Nobody was hurt and the damage from the fire was minimal. The cause of the fire is unknown, but according to the local news site Vísir the fire department believes arson is highly unlikely. Earlier in the day a fire had broken out inside a pizza oven at the hotel restaurant, but the staff managed to put this fire out themselves. It is unclear whether the two fires are connected. 

Hotel Natura fire

Hotel Natura fire Staff and guests waited while the firefighters were doing their job. Photo/Helga


Hotel Natura fire

The guests Fortunately the fire was brought under control in only minutes, nobody was hurt and the damage to the hotel was minimal. Photo/Helga


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