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No hit and run: Drivers urged to report stricken lambs on the road

By Staff

  • Carcasses Two of the farmer's lambs dead on a gravel road having be hit be a driver who didn't notify the farmer.

A local farmer, dismayed by drivers hitting and killing lambs with their cars and leaving them there, has urged drivers to let farmers know if they run lambs over. 

Erna Ósk Guðnadóttir, a farmer in the Westfjords of Iceland, posted pictures of dead lambs lying on the road near her farm on Facebook last week.

"You who ran over my lambs and didn't notify me should be ashamed of yourself. As a farmer, I want to be notified, not so I can charge you, but so I can go there and recover the lambs," writes Erna Ósk who warns that leaving the lambs on the road can potentially cause an accident when other drivers have to brake for the carcass.

The farmer says that drivers who hit lambs on the road can let her know anonymously with a phone call.

"The only thing you have to do is let me know."

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