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Nine in ten Reykjavík residents positive toward tourism, foreign visitors

By Staff

  • Reykjavík City Hall Most Reykjavík residents feel that tourism has had a positive effect on the city and their neighborhood. Photo/Stefán Karlsson

The overwhelming majority of Reykjavík residents are positive toward foreign travellers, a new poll reveals. The poll, which was commissioned by Visit Reykjavík, reveals that the people of Reykjavík view tourism as a positive force and tourists as a welcome addition to city life.

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According to the poll, which was conducted over the time April 12 to June 9, Reykjavík residents, 91% of Reykjavík residents are either moderately, rather or very positive toward foreign visitors. Only 9% hold negative views of tourism and foreign visitors. This represents a slight drop from 2016, when 95% held positive views. 

The poll offers some details which might help us understand the reasons for these overwhelmingly positive views of tourism. The primary reasons, it seems, are that Reykjavík residents see tourism has having positive economic and social effects, both on the city and them personally. 8 in 10 say tourism has had a positive economic impact on the city. More people also see tourism as having improved their immediate neighborhood, especially in the City Center. More residents of the city center say tourism has positively impacted their personal lives (30%) than say it has had a negative impact (25%). 

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