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News of daring rescue of a cat by Police, Fire Dept a wonderful reminder of peacefulness of Iceland

By Staff

  • Þorfinnstjörn The island where Grímkell the cat bit off more adventures than he could swallow. Photo/City of Reykjavík

The biggest news out of Iceland of recent days might be the story of a bitcoin-heist suspect breaking out of prison and escaping Iceland onboard a plane with the Prime Minister, but the most comic and uniquely Icelandic story is the news of the Metropolitan Police and Fire Department mounting a daring rescue of a cat in distress. 

All local media have covered the story in detail, providing Icelanders with something fun to talk about on this beautiful summer day (yesterday, April 19 was the First Day of Summer, according to Icelandic tradition). The cat, whose name is Grímkell, according to local media, made it safely to his home after the adventure. 

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The pond, Tjörnin

The pond, Tjörnin The cat Grímkell was stuck in the small Þorfinnstjörn pond, marked 3. Photo/City of Reykjavík

The Metropolitan Police received a call from a concerned citizen late last night, alerting Police to the fact that there was a cat stuck on an island in one of the ponds which make up the downtown lake Tjörnin. The cat had somehow made it out onto the island, but was clearly unable to make it back to land. The cat had caught the attention of passers-by with his "out of control whining and loud crying". 

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The local news site Vísir reports that when officers arrived at the scene they discovered that the cat was indeed stuck and meowing very loudly, indicating he was fully aware of his predicament. An officer decided to wade out into the island, but half-way out became stuck in the mud and returned. The Police officers therefore called for the assistance of the Fire department, which has significant experience in rescuing cats.

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Four firefighters responded to the call from the Police. Wearing chest waders one of the firefighters tried to get to the island, but he too got stuck in the mud. Since it was clearly impossible to get to the island by foot the firefighters and Police created a bridge to reach the small island with a ladder from the fire engine. The National Broadcasting Service RÚV reports that one of the firefighters managed to help the cat Grímkell back to the mainland.

The person who had called the police took possession of the cat, promising to get him to his home and human keepers.

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