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New warning signs installed by Kirkjufjara beach where German woman drowned on January 9

By Staff

  • Chains and warning signs Previous attempts to warn travellers of dangerous conditions at the black sand beaches in South Iceland have been unsuccessful. Photo/Icelandic Environment Agency

The Icelandic Environment Agency has installed new warning signs by Kirkjufjara beach near Dyrhólaey peninsula near the village Vík in South Iceland. The sign warns visitors that the beach has been closed, and explain the danger. The Kirkjufjara beach has been closed for two reasons, the Icelandic Environment Agency explains in a public announcement: Heightened danger of rock slides from the cliffs around the beach, and danger posed by the powerful waves. 

Kirkjufjara beach, warning sign
Installing the new sign A work crew installed the signs earlier this week. Photo/Icelandic Environment Agency.

A new fence has been installed to close the beach and a new large signs explaining why the beach is closed have been installed at several locations, reminding visitors not to cross the fence.

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The beach was closed following the tragic death of a foreign traveller on January 9. A 47 year old German woman drowned after she was swept to sea while visiting the beach with her husband and two children. Last year a 40 year old Chinese man drowned at the nearby Reynisfjara beach.

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In addition to the two fatal accidents there have been countless close calls at Reynisfjara and Kirkjufjara where visitors refuse to listen to warnings and venture too close to the waves.

Kirkjufjara beach, warning sign
Warning visitors of the danger The new sign at Kirkjufjara beach. Photo/Icelandic Environment Agency


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