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New lighthouse and viewpoint to be added on Reykjavík North Coast scenic and sculpture walk

By Staff

  • The new lighthouse The exact design for the lighthouse or landfill have not been chosen, but one of the ideas envisions a small lighthouse of the same design as those currently guiding ships into the old harbour. Photo/Yrki arkítektar.

Reykjavík will soon have a new lighthouse. The new lighthouse would be built on a landfill on the north shore of Reykjavík, creating a perfect new rest stop for anyone strolling along the popular scenic walking route.

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The lighthouse would be built off the coast by Höfði house, providing seafarers with a bettter and more secure directions to Reykjavík's two harbours. The new lighthouse will replace a lighthouse on the tower of the Seamen's college. This lighthouse was built in 1945, but was rendered useless after new highrises were built close to the coast. The harbour has been planning a new lighthouse since that time. 

The harbourmaster of Reykjavík told the local newspaper Morgunblaðið that the final design of the lighthouse had not been chosen, but that the harbour and city aimed at ensuring the lighthouse would not only add to the safety of seafarers, but also provide residents and visitors new opportunities to enjoy the oceanside and the view. 

Construction of the lighthouse will start next winter.

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