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New Icelandair video ad celebrates diversity with gay couple protagonists

By Staff

  • Happy couple The protagonists of the new Icelandair advert are a gay couple enjoying Iceland. Screenshot/Icelandair.

A gay couple are the protagonists of a new video advert for local airline Icelandair that will be shared on social media in all of the company's marketing areas abroad. A brand manager for Icelandair says it's "natural and important" to show diversity.

Aimed at people who travel to enjoy life with their loved ones
The advert is intended to promote the experience of visiting Iceland and is part of a series called "Points and Money" that will be shown on social media. It depicts the happy couple enjoying nature and cultural activities in Iceland

“This ad portrays a cultural trip to Iceland and the group it’s aimed at is people who travel to enjoy what life has to offer with their loved ones. So it was an obvious choice to use a loving middle-aged couple for such an ad; it’s worked well for us in the past. But this time we thought: why not add to the diversity and make this loving, middle-aged couple a same-sex couple?” Jón Skafti Kristjánsson, a brand manager for Icelandair, told local news site GayIceland.

Icelanders are generally liberal concerning LGBT rights. Same-sex marriage was legalized in 2010 and the annual Reykjavík Pride festival has become one of the country's biggest parties in recent years.

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