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New Fish & Chips wagon open all winter long in picturesque Snæfellsnes village Arnarstapi

By Staff

  • Stapafell mountain in the background The fish comes from local fishermen who catch it fresh off the coast of Snæfellsnes in the Faxaflói bay. Photo/Stöð 2 Sigurjón Ólason

The view from the new family owned and operated fish and chips wagon in the tiny village of Arnarstapi on the Snæfellsnes peninsula could hardly be more majestic. The majestic Stapafell mountain towers over the village, and hiding behind it is Snæfellsnes glacier. 

Fish and chips Arnarstapi

Serving fresh fish Husband and wife Jóhannes Ólafsson and Herdís Þórðardóttir tending to their Fish and chips wagon. Photo/Stöð 2, Sigurjón Ólason

A short walk away is the pier, where local fishermen bring in the fish which is then served fresh to hungry travellers.

The restaurant is operated by husband and wife Jóhannes Ólafsson and Herdís Þórðardóttir. The couple, which lives in the fishing town Akranes has a summer cottage in the area where they spent their weekends and summer vacation. They told the local TV station Stöð 2 that they had decided to open a food cart after having noticed that the number of travellers in the area continued to grow, while the supply of restaurants or eatiers did not. 

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Originally the plan had only been to keep the food cart open during the summer months, but this year they decided to stay open over the winter. "There are some customers. The business is enough for two old timers like us!" Jóhannes Ólafsson told Stöð 2. The couple offer customers woolen blankets to keep warm while they enjoy the fish and chips.

Arnarstapi and its nearby twin village Hellnar are two of the most pictoresque villages in Iceland. 

The two villages, home to a few dozen people, are connected by a walking path which you through a beautiful lava field and past amazing rock formations and dramatic cliffs and small hidden bays which are full of sea birds. The seaside and the cliffs between Arnastapi and Hellnar have been made a Natural Reserve in 1979.

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