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New candy-exchange helps foreign lovers of Icelandic candy reconnect with favorite sweets

By Staff

  • The Candy-Exchange operator Lilja Katrín In Icelandic candy conoisseurs and lovers of sweets are often called "nammigrís", which translates as "candy-piglet". Photo/Stöð 2

A local woman, candy connoisseur and editor of travel site Must See in Iceland, Lilja Katrín Gunnarsdóttir, decided to set up a candy-exchange to help foreign lovers of Icelandic sweets and Icelanders living abroad re-connect with their favorite Icelandic candy. The site allows people to make requests for Icelandic sweets in exchange for some of their favorite local treats.

Began with a Boston woman's love for liquorice
Lilja told the local TV station Stöð 2 that the exchange, which was only launched a few days ago, has already received a number of requests. The only candy foreign candy-lovers don't seem to want is Icelandic liquorice. With the exception of the first request, which put the whole project in motion every single request has specifically stated "no liquorice, please".

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The idea was born after Lilja received a request from an American man who was looking for ways to get Icelandic Apollo-brand liquorice candy to surprise his wife. The two exchanged messages and decided to exchange candy. The man sent Lilja candy from Boston, while she sent him a box of Apollo liquorice.

A strange love for Icelandic hot-dog mustard
After this first exchange she decided to set up a formal exchange, soliciting requests from the readers of her travel website. She told Stöð 2 that people are interested in surprises, but that two peculiar things stand out in the requests show has received to date: 

"I haven't received many requests for specific candy. The only thing people seem very keen on not receiving is Icelandic liquorice. That first request is the one notable exception. Out of the five, six requests which now wait my attention two have also asked for Icelandic hot-dog mustard, the SS-pylsusinnep. People seem to have some crazy/sick love for the SS-pylsusinnep!"

All lovers of Icelandic candy, both the liquorice-kind and non-liquorice types should check out Lilja's new candy-exchange and head over to Must See in Iceland!


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