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National Broadcasting Service will discuss demands Iceland boycott 2019 Eurovision in Israel

By Staff

  • Eurovision and Politics Israel will host the 2019 Eurovision song contest after winning this year's competition. Now a large number of Icelanders has demanded Iceland boycott the competition to protest Israeli treatment of the Palestinain people. Photo/

22,000 people have signed a petition demanding Iceland boycott the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, which will be held in Israel. The petition condemns the human rights violations of Israel against the Palestinian people. The board of the National Broadcasting Service RÚV has now stated it will discuss the demand at its meeting in June. RÚV will also discuss whether to make changes to how Iceland picks its entry into the competition. Iceland landed dead last in this year's competition.

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Those members of the board of RÚV who spoke to the local newspaper Fréttablaðið said that the decision to boycott next year's contest in Israel was up to the director of RÚV. Any questions about the programming of the station would have to be taken internally without interference from either the government of Iceland or individual cabinet members. The director of programming for RÚV told Fréttablaðið that a decision would most likely not be made until late summer.

RÚV is facing growing pressure from the public to withdraw from the competition in protest of Israeli human rights abuses.

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