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Mysterious fire hydrant in the middle of Central Highlands baffles hikers

  • The mysterious fire hydrant Nobody knows who put up the fire hydrant, when, why or how. Photo/Ólafur Schram

The middle of Spregisandur desert in the Central Highlands is probably the last place you expect to stumble upon a fire hydrant, which explains the surprise of hikers in the highlands who stumble upon the mysterious blue fire hydrant which sticks out of the barren wasteland of Nýidalur valley in the Sprengisandur desert. Nobody knows who is responsible for the hydrant or why it was put up. It's not even clear when the hydrand was installed.

An artistic installation or elaborate joke?
A local guide, Ólafur Schram, shared a photo of the blue fire hydrant on Facebook last week, prompting a debate about its origins. The hydrant is not connected, as it is located in the middle of nowhere, but it looks like it has been its current location for a long time. The local newspaper Morgunblaðið reports that the fire hydrant has been in Nýidalur at least since mid August when an ICE-SAR rapid response team went through the area. 

Getting the hydrant to its location on Sprengisandur, a vast desert between Vatnajökull and Hofsjökull glaciers, and installing it would have required significant effort. The hydrant is securely stuck in the ground.

Some suspect the hydrant is some sort of artistic installation or an elaborate joke. A similar installation was discovered in August 2010 when someone installed a parking meter on top of Hlöðufell mountain in South Iceland. 

Help us solve the mystery!
If you have any information about the fire hydrant, its origin or meaning or when it was put up, please contact us at

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