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Musician Eric Clapton lands the largest salmon caught in Iceland this summer

By Staff

  • Beast of a fish British musician Eric Clapton fishes in Vatndalsá river, North Iceland, every summer. The salmon he landed last week is the biggest salmon caught in Icelandic rivers this summer. Photo/

British musician Eric Clapton landed the biggest salmon of the summer caught on rod, reports Morgunblaðið newspaper. Clapton is a passionate angler who travels to Iceland every summer to fish in Vatnsdalsá river in North Iceland.  

The salmon measured 104 centimetres (41 inches) in length and it took Clapton over two hours to land the beast.

“The fish took the bait around 9.30 am in Línufljót, but was landed around 1 kilometre (0.6 miles) further down the river just over two hours later,” guide Sturla Birgisson told Morgublaðið. According to Sturla, Clapton had to race down the river in pursuit of the salmon.

Vatnsdalsá has a strict ‘catch and release’ policy, so the massive salmon was set free after having been measured and photographed.  

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