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More availabilities at Reykjavík hotels coming weekend than last weekend of February

By Staff

  • Summer rain Fewer people seem to be booking last-minute hotel rooms in Reykjavík. Photo/Ernir

Travellers looking to book last minute hotels in Reykjavík this coming weekend are facing better odds than those who found themselves in the same shoes back in February. According to a survey conducted by the local news site Túristi there is more availability this coming weekend than during the last weekend of February. 

According to a survey of the booking site hotels in Reykjavík are booked to 77% of capacity over the weekend, compared to 91% at the end of February. Túristi notes that does not include all Reykjavík hotels, but adds that their survey should give a good indication of the conditions on the market. Other booking sites which Túristi surveyed showed the same results.

According to Túristi there has also been a significant drop in last-minute bookings at Icelandic hotels in the past year or so. 

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While last minute travellers have more availability at Reykjavík hotels, visitors who plan to stay in an Airbnb have far fewer options. Túristi found that 92% of all Airbnb listings in Reykjavík are occupied during the weekend.



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