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Model Chrissy Teigen sings the Icelandic hot dog praise: 'Iceland has amazing hot dogs'

By Staff

  • The model Chrissy Teigen shot an ad for Ugg in Iceland. While here she tried the famous Icelandic hot dog 'pylsa'. Photo/Ví

People Magazine interviewed model Chrissy Teigen recently about her latest ad for Ugg boots which was shot on top of an Icelandic glacier.

About the experience, Chrissy said: “We shot this particular scene on the top of a giant glacier. I asked the man who drove us up the glacier in a Sno-Cat, as I peered over the edge, ‘How far is too far?’ He told me, ‘When you fall, take one step back!’

The model, a self described foodie, also discussed the Icelandic cuisine and gave the humble hot dog a honrable mention.  
“It’s no secret that I love food! I am a total foodie! I fell in love with Iceland’s cuisine, especially their Icelandic hot dogs. Before I left for my trip, everyone kept telling me that I ‘had to try the hot dogs, don’t forget the hot dogs, Iceland has amazing hot dogs … and they did! That and the seafood soups. I had a soup there, cooked directly on the lava rocks of an Icelandic beach, that I will never ever forget about. I can still taste it and every soup I have now has been cursed with being compared to it,” she said. 

Former president Bill Clinton is among other famous individuals who have had a ‘pylsa’


Fact time! Iceland is cold @lisamariebenson @imgmodels

A photo posted by @chrissyteigen on

The model found the Icelandic climate a bit cold. 

Icelandic chef Völli Snær cooks seafood soup for the model. 

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