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The Merry Sailor: the fishermen and family fair in Grindavík town

  • The catch of the day At the Grindavík town’s harbour you can see first-hand the heart of the Icelandic fishing industry, with numerous fishing ships entering and exiting the harbour on a daily basis. Photo/Jón Sigurður Eyjólfsson

The fishermen and family fair Sjóarinn síkátí (The Merry Sailor) in the thriving fishing town Grindavík has become the town’s most popular event. It takes place between 5-7 of June, ending on "Sjómannadagurinn", a day honouring the role that fishermen and their families have played in Icelandic history and is celebrated annually all over Iceland.

The festival in Grindavík has grown from year to year and now features all sorts of interesting events and happenings for the whole family to participate in. The schedule is available on the festival’s website.

A new camping site was opened in Grindavík in 2009. The site covers an area 13,500 square metres in size and is located at Austurvegur 26. It includes a designated area for campervans and tent trailers, a paved parking lot and two play areas for children, equipped with swings, play castles and climbing nets. The service facilities feature cookers, showers, a laundry room and internet access.

Individuals under the age of 18 are not allowed to camp without a person of legal age (during Sjóarinn síkáti the age rises to 20 years).

In and around Grindavík you will find various examples of what has characterised life in Iceland. At the town’s harbour, you will see fishing ships returning with their catch of the day. Just outside of town, you can visit a state-of-the-art geothermal power plant or feel the healing effects of the Blue Lagoon’s natural, silica-rich hot water on your skin. The nearby sea cliffs are packed with up to 60,000 bird couples of different species.

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