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Meet Icelandic horses at a farm in W. Iceland: Local farm opens perfect petting- and 'selfie stop'

By Staff

  • Two of the Sturlureykir horses Icelandic horses are not just beautiful animals: Animal behaviourists agree that the Icelandic horse is both intelligent and friendly. Photo/Sturlureykir.

The Icelandic horse is one of the most popular motifs for traveller photographs in Iceland. And no wonder! There is something about the Icelandic horse which makes it absolutely adorable. It's kind and intelligent gaze, the shaggy hair, endless colour variety and the small size makes these hardy little horses irresistible.

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Icelandic horse, Sturlureykir
Hi there! A visit to the Sturlureykir stable allows you meet and greet the horses. Photo/Sturlureykir.

Unfortunately it can be a challenge to get to meet with these guys: Stopping in the side of the road to take photographs of horses in the field can cause danger to other motorists, thanks to the virtual absence of useful stopping spots along Icelandic roads. And some farmers have complained that foreign travellers who stop to pet and feed their horses are "teaching them bad habits", even endangering their health with unhealthy snacks.

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A couple who breed and train horses in West Iceland decided they had to help solve this problem, setting up the perfect petting- and selfie-stop for horse lovers at their farm in Borgarfjörður fjord!

The perfect stop for horse-lovers!
The horse farm Sturlureykir, located on the way to one of Iceland's most beautiful waterfalls, Hraunfossar, will open it's stable to visitors this summer, allowing visitors to meet with their horses, get to take horse riding tours along the pictoresque Reykjadalsá river, or just get to know their individual stories and pet and take their photo with a friendly Icelandic horse! 

Icelandic horse, Sturlureykir

Reykjadalsá river Sturlureykir is located between Deildartunguhver geothermal area and Hraunfossar waterfall. Photo/Sturlureykir.

The new meet-and-greet stable will open on June 1, and will remain open each day from 10-16, year-round. The horse riding tours will be offered at 16:00 and 20:00 (each tour lasting 1.5-2 hours). The riding tours cost 12,500 ISK per person. Guests can then relax at a small cafe decorated with the countless trophies and awards won by the Sturlureykir horses.

Sturlureykir has offered horse tours for more than two decades, but the new service will satisfy the needs of a broader group of travellers. For a small entrance fee visitors who might have a busy schedule can get a personal experience with horses and an Icelandic horse farm.


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