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Matur & drykkur, which offers traditional Icelandic dishes, nominated for the Nordic Prize

By Staff

  • Cooked cod's head Matur & drykkur specializes in traditional Icelandic foods with a modern twist. Cooked cod's head is one. The restaurant has now been nominated for the Nordic Prize for the best restaurant in the Nordic countries. Photo/Sara

The friendly eatery Matur & drykkur, one of Reykjavík's most surprising or unusual fine-dining establishments has been nominated for the Nordic Prize as the Restaurant of the Year in the Nordic region. 

Matur & drykkur was opened a little more than a one and a half years ago by the old harbor in downtown Reykjavík. From the start the restaurant focused on serving traditional Icelandic dishes with a modern twist. This did not only mean using traditional local ingredients, such as cod and lamb, but also dishes which we are not accustomed to encounter at fine dining establishments.

The menu includes cod's head, cod liver and the traditional Icelandic fish stew "plokkfiskur": Foods which average Icelanders are accustomed to eat at home. The dinner menu even includes the traditional Icelandic hot dogs, pulsa (or pylsa, depending on which part of Iceland you are from.)

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The nomination of Matur & drykkur for the Nordic prize proves that preparing hot dogs does not disqualify a restaurant from being considered fine dining!

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