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Matur & Drykkur, serving local Icelandic dishes, gets a shout-out from the Michelin Guide

By Staff

  • A "Super Place" Matur og Drykkur gets a shout out from the Michelin guide. Photo/Twitter.

The restaurant Matur & drykkur, one of Reykjavík's best up-and-coming restaurants got a shout out from the UK Michelin Guide on Twitter earlier this month: "a super place" the Michelin Guide declared. According to the local news site Veitingageirinn Matur og Drykkur is the first Icelandic restaurant to be recognized by the Michelin Guide.



Matur og Drykkur has been one of the most popular restaurants in Reykjavík since it opened in early 2015. The reason is both the quality of the dining and the surprising and unusual menu. Located by the old harbor in downtown Reykjavík the restaurant focuses on serving traditional Icelandic dishes with a modern twist.

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The menu includes dishes from traditional ingredients, but also more unusual items like cod's head, cod liver and the traditional Icelandic fish stew "plokkfiskur": Foods which average Icelanders are accustomed to eat at home. The status of Matur og Drykkur as one of the best fine-dining options in Reykjavík was solidified earlier this month when the restaurant was nominated to the Nordic Prize for fine dining, and now the Michelin Guide shout-out drives the point home even further.


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