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Man skiing across the Central Highlands alone rescued by ICE-SAR: Did everything correctly

By Staff

  • The tent According to a statement from ICE-SAR the man did everything correctly and was properly equipped and prepared for the trip. Photo/ICE-SAR

A foreign traveller who was attempting to cross the Central Highlands alone on skis had to be rescued by ICE-SAR companies from South Iceland yesterday. The man, who was well prepared for the trip, had suffered a minor injury but managed to contact ICE-SAR to request help. According to a statement from ICE-SAR the man did everything correctly.

When rescuers arrived the man was waiting in his tent. He was in good condition, but was taken immediately to a hospital in South Iceland, where his injury was attended to. The weather in the Central Highlands was ideal, according to ICE-SAR, cold and sunny but a bit windy. Limited visibility, caused by frequent storms and blizzards in the highlands can make rescue and travel in the Central Highlands difficult or dangerous.

Did everything correctly
The hiker, whose nationality has not been identified in reports, was traveling south across the Central Highlands when he suffered a minor injury. He pitched his tent and waited for rescue some 20 km (12.4 mi) south of Hofsjökull glacier. According to a statement from ICE-SAR the man was equipped with a GPS tracker and all other equipment necessary for hiking in the Central Highlands in winter. 

He had also filed his travel itinerary with, which provided ICE-SAR with information which made search and rescue far easier. ICE-SAR stresses that travelers file their travel itineraries with These itineraries are monitored, and in case travelers do not show up at the locations they have identified in their travel plan ICE-SAR can then immediately take action to ensure that the traveler is safe.

Note that this is only the approximate location of the man: ICE-SAR has not released the exact location where he was found. 

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