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Luxembourg based Luxair latest airline to announce direct flights to Keflavík

By Staff

  • Luxair The Luxembourg airline will connect two of the smallest nation states in Europe. Photo/Luxair

The flag carrying airline of the small Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has announced it will introduce direct flights between the Luxembourg and Keflavík next summer. The airline has begun selling seats on its weekly flights each Wednesday in May and June 2018.

The regular flights between Luxembourg and Keflavík revive an old tradition, as the Western European duchy was for a long time the most important gateway between Iceland and Europe. In 1955 Icelandair began offering direct flights to Luxembourg which remained the only destination on the European mainland for Icelandair for decades. In 1998, however, Icelandair announced it was cancelling its flights to Luxembourg, instead focusing on the major European capitals. 

Luxair offers 64 destinations in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Luxembourg is one of the three capital cities of the European Union, alongside Brussels and Strasbourg.

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