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Low crime rate, but dramatic increase in traffic violations in South Iceland

By Staff

  • Police A dramatic increase in the number of foreign visitors in South Iceland is reflected in an increase in traffic violations. Photo/Vísir.

The crime rate in South Iceland has dropped significantly since 2015. Last year 491 crimes were reported in South Iceland, a drop of 7% since 2015 when 530 crimes were reported. At the same time, however, the number of traffic violations has increased by 28%.

The South Iceland police district covers many of the most popular tourist attractions in Iceland, as well as the most traveled parts of the Ring Road outside the Metropolitan area. Average traffic along the Ring Road in South Iceland has increased by 25% since 2015. 

Dramatic drop in thefts
According to the 2017 preliminary criminal statistics from the Police in South Iceland a significant drop in thefts and burglaries since 2015, from 209 thefts in 2015 to 124 last year, a drop of 40%. Better policing of summer cottages in the region is a major reason, the report states. 

13 fatal accidents were registered in South Iceland in 2017, 8 were foreign nationals.

Increase in traffic violations
While speeding violations are the most common type of traffic violation, the largest increase in traffic violations involve lack of insurance or the lack of proper permits. Police in South Iceland has in recent years been more aggressive in its policing of driver guides, ensuring that everyone who is driving foreign visitors around has the proper permits.


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