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Low-cost airlines WOW air and EasyJet chip away at the dominance of Icelandair

By Staff

  • The dominant player in Keflavík Icelandair continues to be by far the largest airline in Keflavík, with 64.5% of all departures in November 2015. It's share has shrunk since November 2015 when it was 82%. The change is explained by two growing share of the low-cost airlines WOW air and easyJet. Photo/Vilhelm Gunnarsson.

According to data compiled by the local travel site the Icelandic low-cost airline WOW air and the UK carrier easyJet have significantly increased their share of winter traffic at Keflavík airport at the expense of Icelandair. points out that during the winter months more than nine out of ten flights in or out of Keflavík are by Icelandair, WOW air and easyJet. The two low-budgets airlines began flying in and out of Keflavík in 2012. In November of that year only one in nine departures were by WOW air or easyJet, but this past November the two airlines were responsible for a full quarter of all the flights.

Figures compiled by the booking site Dohop show that out of these three airlines Icelandair was most likely to depart on time. 83% of Icelandair departures were on time, while easyJet was most likely to be tardy. The average delay on an Icelandair departure was 5.66 minutes, while the average delay for EasyJet flights was 12.96 minutes. However, although WOW air fligts were slightly less likely to depart late (67% of departures in November were on time) the average delay for WOW air departures during the past month was significantly greater, or 25.97 minutes.

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