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Local pool confuses foreign visitors with sign encouraging bathers to wash with "soup"

By Staff

  • Lost in translation? It is understandable some foreign visitors are confused by Icelandic pool etiquette. Photo/Estelle Divorne, Facebook

Foreign visitors are often confused by Icelandic shower etiquette. Particularly the requirement that everyone wash in the nude before entering the pool. While Icelanders are used to taking off their clothes and washing naked in front of strangers many foreign travellers find this custom unfamiliar and difficult to adhere to. 

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Staff at Laugardalslaug pool, the largest public pool in Reykjavík, decided to do their bit to add to the confusion with a new sign in the women's dressing room.

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A local woman shared photos of the sign with the baffling instructions to a Facebook discussion group for Icelandic tour guides and people in the tourism industry. As can be seen from the photos the bathing rules at Laugardalslaug don't make much sense: The new sign encourages bathers to "wash with soup" as well as offering "free soup" in the showers! 

English fail, Laugardalslaug pool

Basic rule Doesn't everyone wash with soup? Photo/Estelle Divorne, Facebook


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