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Local boy discovers piece of human skull while playing in the beach in W. Iceland

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  • The jawbone The bone seems to be quite old, and is probably not connected to any recent missing persons case. Photo/Vísir.

A local woman who was walking with her husband and young son in the beach by Hafnarfjall mountain in West Iceland was shocked when she discovered that her son was playing with a human jawbone. The boy had found the bone in the sand while searching for seashells and crabs.

Unusual find
The family was enjoying the nice weather on Friday afternoon fishing on the coast near the Ring Road along Hafnarfjall mountain south-east of Borgarnes town in West Iceland. The woman, Álfheiður Gunnsteinsdóttir, told the local news site Vísir that while her husband was attending to the fishing she and their son walked along the beach to explore the beach, searching for beautiful pebbles, seashells and crabs:

"My son was just playing with this thing which he had found in the sand. I didn't immediately see what this thing was, but I then noticed that he is trying to pull teeth out of this thing. Then I realized that he's holding a jawbone with two whole molars."

She took the bone from her son, stashing it away to look at it when they got home."I wanted to make absolutely sure the bone was from a human. I hope someone can figure out where this thing comes from and whom it belongs to."

A very, very old missing persons case?
A spokesman for the Police in West Iceland told Vísir that judged by the wear of the jawbone it seems to be quite old. "The only thing we know for sure is that this seems like a piece of a human skull, and that it appears to be quite old. That's about it."

Asked whether the bones could be connected to a missing persons case he said the case would then have to be very, very old. 

Police will now conduct a thorough investigation of the scene where the jawbone was found to see if any more human remains are recovered.

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