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Live updates: The shearing competition at Kex Hostel has started

By Jón Kaldal

  • Photo/Vihelm Gunnarsson

The competitors have arrived! Farmers from all over the country er at KEX Hostel to compete for the Golden Shears.

The sheep farmers are in the capital for the Icelandic Sheep Farmers Association’s annual meeting and celebration which will take place after the the competition. Iceland Mag is of course at Kex Hostel to cover the competition.

We will update this article regularily until we have a winner.

6.38 PM That's it people. Have a nice evening. Over and out.
(Those of you who are coming late to this should start reading from the bottom). 

6.32 PM The winner of the first annual Kex Hostel shearing competition and the holder of the Golden Shears 2014 is Julio Cesar from Uruquay, pictured with Kexland's president Böðvar Guðjónsson (left).
6.31 PM Folks we have a winner! 

6.30 PM The Golden Shears er awarded for shearing speed, quality and skills.

5.58 PM Böðvar Guðjónsson, the president of Kexland at Kex Hostel with Ragga Eiríksdóttir. We believe that Stephen West at Westknits and Ragga are responsible for the "pimped up" sweaters.

5.54 PM We have just received a video installation on our Instagram account.

5.45 PM Just to remind you guys, Kex Hostel is smack bang in the middle of 101 (the postal code of downtown Reykjavík). 

5.41 PM The great Kex Hostel bar is of course open. Lopapeysa (wool sweater) is the dress code of the day.

5.36 PM
The sheep is from Hraðastaðir farm in Mosfellsdalur valley, just outside the capital. It was transported to Kex under supervision of a veterinarian who is also monitoring the competition. No animals are being harmed!

5.25 PM The crowd is focused.

5.18 PM And of course we have some accordian playing. Yes, they are twins!

5.12 PM Some of the humans need shearing as well!

5.09 PM This is shear class!

5.07 PM The Farmer's Market designer learning how to shear a sheep.

5.00 PM Waiting for getting rid of their winter coats.

4.46 PM This is shearing in stereo

The big trophy: The Golden Shears. 

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