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Listen to the soundtrack for Reykjavík picked by the mayor Jón Gnarr

  • Jón Gnarr At his office in the City Hall. The painting on the wall behind him is by Banksy. Photo/GVA

Jón Gnarr was elected the capital’s mayor in 2010 when his party, Besti flokkurinn (The Best Party), formed a coalition government with Samfylkingin (The Social Democratic Alliance). Jón will step down after the municipal elections in 2014.

Jón is a career comedian and writer. As a true rebel, his taste in music leans towards rock ‘n’ roll and punk.

  1. Toxicity by System of a Down
    To draw attention to air pollution in Reykjavík. The World Health Organization maintains that particle pollution from mobile emissions and nail-tires tearing up the asphalt in the winter is just as harmful as tobacco smoke and asbestos. Dead serious.
  2. Fjöllin hafa vakað by Bubbi Morthens
    An ode to Mount Esja (the mountain that dominates the view from Reykjavík)
  3. Ó Reykjavík by Vonbrigði
  4. Ó, borg mín borg by Björk and KK
    The most beautiful poem ever written about Reykjavík
  5. 5. Partýbær (Party Town) by Ham
    Self-explanatory. An ode to something else.
  6. 6. Big A Little A by Crass
    This song has had a profound effect on me.
  7. Regína by the Sugarcubes
    In honor of the mayor of Akranes town (Reykjavík's neighbouring town on the west coast).
  8. Við erum best (We are the Best) by Besti flokkurinn (The Best Party)
    Because we are the best.
  9. Imagine by John Lennon
    Reykjavík, a city without an army.

    Listen to the Mayor's Reykjavík soundtrack.


The Mayor's Reykjavík Soundtrack by Icelandmag on Mixcloud


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