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Life expectancy of Icelandic males increases

By Staff

  • A good place Life expectancy of Icelandic males is  80.8 years and women can expect to live for 83.7 years. Photo/Daníel Rúnarsson

The infant mortality rate in Iceland was 1.8 child per every 1000 live birth in 2013. This percentage is slightly higher than the year before, which was 1.1. child per every 1000 live birth. These low rates of infant mortality are the lowest recorded in Europe.

These findings were published in a new report by Statistics Iceland. The life expectancy of males in 2013 was 80.8 years, which is an increase from 2006-2010 when the average age expectancy was 79.6 years whereas Icelandic females had a life expectancy average of 83.3 years for the same time period. In 2013, this number is now 83.7 for Icelandic females.

Icelandic women were for many years on the top in the world regarding life expectancy, however there has been a dramatic increase in life expectancy in other European countries, with Spanish women topping the list with a life expectancy age of 85.5 years.


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