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Life expectancy in Iceland among the highest in Europe, infant mortality rate is lowest

By Staff

  • A great place for all ages Icelandic men have the longest life expectancy of Europe, women the sixth longest. Photo/Stefán

According to the latest data from Statistics Iceland life expectancy in Iceland is among the highest in Europe. Based on data for 2015 women in Iceland can expect to live to be 83.6 years old, while men can expect to reach 81 years. A ten year average for the years 2005-2014 has Icelandic men reaching 80.2 years, which is the highest life expectancy for men in all of Europe.

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Iceland shares the top spot with Switzerland, where the life expectancy for men was 80 years on average in the period 2005-2014, followed by Sweden and Liechtenstein (79.4). The lowest life expectancy is in Russia, 61.6.

The longest life expectancy for women in Europe is in France and Spain, according to this ten year average (85.1 years), followed by Switzerland (84.7), Italy (84.6) and Lichtenstein (84.1). Icelandic women have the sixth longest life expectancy at 83.7.

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Infant mortality in Iceland is also the lowest in Europe. In 2015 the infant mortality rate in Iceland was 1.9 per 1,000 live births. The average in the European Union is 4.0, while the US has an infant mortality rate of 5.87.

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