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Learn all about the Aurora on this new interactive website

By Staff

  • The Aurora Green lights are caused by charged particles caught in the earth's magnetic field hitting oxygen atoms at relatively low altitudes. Photo/Icelandair. 

Icelandair has opened up a fascinating interactive website which allows you to learn about the history, nature and causes of the Northern lights. The site includes a fascinating “create your own aurora” game, which allows you to explore how the different environmental factors influence the appearance, the colour and strength of the Aurora. The site also includes a three-day solar forecasts predicting the strength of the solar wind which causes the aurora.

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The goal of the Aurora Borealis: Uncovering the Northern Lights website is to explain the science and wonder of the Northern Lights, but to encourage people to go and experience this natural spectacle for themselves. “We wanted to create a resource that helps those attracted by the lights to hunt them down and understand what’s actually happening above them as they gaze.”

“The colour and intensity of the lights is the crux of the experience, and we wanted to bring the scientific elements determining these to life. The interactive element was designed as a tool for readers to play with as a means of fully understanding how changes in gas, altitude and geometrical activity determines what you see."

According to Icelandair the website has been met very favorably, it having for example having been covered by Lonely Planet.

For more head over to the website and play around with the interactive tools!

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