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Late night swimming at four Reykjavík swimming pools during the dark days of winter

By Staff

  • At vesturbæjarlaug Swimming pool The swimming pools are among the most important centers of Icelandic society. Photo/Daníel Rúnarsson.

You can now add a late night swim to your evening activities in Reykjavík. The City of Reykjavík has decided to extend the opening hours at two popular swimming pools throughout the winter. Vesturbæjarlaug swimming pool, located just outside downtown Reykjavík, and the suburban Breiðholtslaug swimming pools have been open until 22:00 all days of the week. 

The downtown Sundhöllin swimming pool, which is currently under renovation, will also remain open until 22:00 every night, once it will be opened to the public in October. 

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Until recently all but one public pool in Reykjavík closed at 18:00 on the weekends, 20:00 on Fridays but stayed open until 22:00 on weekdays. The only pool to offer extended opening hours on weekends had been Laugardalslaug, the largest public pool in Iceland. This summer, however, the city extended the opening hours of two more pools as an experiment. The city has now decided to make these extended hours permanent.

Locals have asked the city to offer extended hours at more swimming pools. A petition has been launched to ask for extended hours at two suburban swimming pools.

The map below shows the location of the swimming pools mentioned in the article. Note that all swimming pools in Reykjavík are open until 22:00 Mondays-Thursdays. Sundhöllin swimming pool will remain closed for renovation for the summer.

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