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Large scale norovirus infection at scout camp: Five more have fallen sick

By Staff

  • Evacuation 181 scouts were evacuated from the scout camp in the largest medical evacuation ever carried out in S. Iceland. Photo/Jóhann K. Jóhansson.

Five British scouts who had been among the 181 scouts who were evacuated from a scout camp by Úlfljótsvatn lake have fallen sick. The symptoms are the same as those of the disease which inflicted the dozens who fell sick early Friday morning. The campsite has been closed while public health officials carry out an investigation and disinfect the area. 

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The manager of the scout camp at Úlfljótsvatn lake south of Þingvellir National Park told the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service that the five scouts who fell sick yesterday were all teenagers and British nationals.

Largest medical evacuation in S. Iceland history
A large number of foreign scouts aged 10-25 years old was staying at the campsite when an unidentified infection, believed to be caused by a norovirus, caused a number of young people to fall ill. All the scouts were then evacuated to an emergency shelter in the town of Hveragerði in South Iceland. The operation was the largest public health evacuation ever carried out in South Iceland. 

The five scouts who fell ill yesterday bring the total of people affected by the outbreak to 76. The vast majority of those affected are from the US and the UK.

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