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Landmark buildings in Reykjavík illuminated pink during October

By Staff

  • Harpa Music and Conference Hall in Reykjavík We can also expect to see Hallgrímskirkja church, the main building of the University of Iceland and many other buildings bathed in pink during the month. Photo/Vigfús Birgisson

October has become the international Breast Cancer Awareness month and countless Icelandic companies and products are decorated with the pink ribbon, coloured pink or sold with a promise that a portion of the total cost be donated to the Icelandic Cancer Society.

Landmark buildings in Reykajvík, such as Hallgrímskirkja church, the main building of the University of Iceland, Harpa Music and Conference Hall are illuminated pink during the month.

Friday the 16th October is a pink day around the country and people are encouraged to wear something pink to work.

Among biggest supporters of the annual campaign is fast food restaurant KFC, owned by Helgi Vilhjálmsson, often dubbed Helgi í Góu after his sweet factory. In October, 500 ISK (4 Euros/4.4 USD) of every bought bucket of chicken will be donated to the cause.

Last summer hay bales were wrapped in pink plastic around many farms in the countryside instead of the regular white wrappings. The initiative was a joint venture between Icelandic farmers and the manufacturers and distributors of bale wrap and brought awareness to breast cancer in novel 

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