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Kleifarvatn lake S. of Reykjavík taken over by film crew working the Sci-Fi series Black Mirror

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  • Kleifarvatn lake Two geothermal areas are located by the lake which is located within the Krýsuvík fissure zone. Photo/GVA

Next week Kleifarvatn lake on the Reykjanes peninsula will be taken over by film crews working on an episode in the next series of the Netflix Sci-Fi series Black Mirror. On March 16 and 17 the film crew will be shooting by Kleifarvatn, and on March 10 by the nearby small lake Grænavatn. 

Possible spoilers!
According to a permit applicatjon filed with the Icelandic Environmental Agency an Icelandic production company True North, which is working on an the Black Mirror episode, the group will be shooting in an abandoned barn by Grænavatn lake on March 10, and then on the coast of Kleifarvatn on March 16-17.

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The film crew will need to close down the road along the coast of Kleifarvatn for while shooting takes place, as well as to launch a boat on the lake. A bag and a bicycle will be thrown into the lake from a cliff near Syðristapi peninsula on the west coast of the lake. At least 100 crew members will be working on the shoot, in addition to three actors.

Shooting in downtown Reykjavík
The entire episode of the fourth series in Black Mirror is being shot in Iceland. On Friday February 24 the Black Mirror crew was shooting a scene for the same episode in downtown Reykjavík at Tjarnargata street, by the Reykjavík City Hall. The local news site Vísir reports that the film crew asked people in nearby buildings to turn on the lights in their windows while the scene was being shot.

According to a post on the entertainment site Tracking Board the only thing which is known about the plot of the episode being shot in Iceland is that the show has two main characters, both female. At least we now know that there is also a bicycle and a bag!



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