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Kitten TV "Kattarshians" coming to the US: Best thing to come out of Iceland since Björk

By Staff

  • Reality TV without fake drama The Kattarshians have been described as the perfect tonic to the pressures of modern life. Photo/Screenshot.

Soon US viewers will be able to enjoy the most successful reality-TV show ever made in Iceland is "Keeping up with the Kattarshians", a webcam broadcast from a small dollhouse inhabited by a changing cast of adorable little kittens. The US network UPtv has bought the rights to the super adorable Kitten-TV, claiming it is the best thing to come out of Iceland since Björk.

Finding homes for kittens

Stubbur, Kattarshians

A cast member This guy is called Stubbur. He was one of the first Kattarshians stars. Photo/Nútíminn/Kattholt

The Kattarshians were launched earlier this year, after a local cat shelter and humane society teamed up with the news site Nútíminn to raise awareness of homeless cats and to help find good homes for the kittens who were staying at the shelter. The kittens were placed in a dollhouse where their every move was captured by one of several cameras, and then broadcast to cat-lovers all around Iceland.

Shortly after the first kittens moved into the Kattarshians house the show was also picked up by a local cable station, as Kattarshians fever gripped the Icelandic nation. Not long after that the show caught the attention of the world, becoming a worldwide hit. Millions of people worldwide have tuned in to enjoy the adventures of the little furballs. Websites and Facebook groups have been set up by fans of the kittens.

Every few weeks new kittens arrive at the Kattarshian manor after the previous residents have found permanent homes. 

Kattarshians becomes Meow Manor

Bunk bed party The kittens do what kittens do: play, run around, eat and sleep, all the while looking adorable. Photo/Screenshot

Now UPtv, which specializes in family-friendly entertainment, has bought the rights to the Kattarshians in the US. In addition to the live stream of the kitten home UPtv will produce a weekly summary of the comings and goings at the kitten house, highlighting the different activities and adventures of the kittens. The show will be re-branded "Meow Manor" for the US market.

The local newspaper Morgunblaðið quotes a representative of UPtv as saying the Kattarshians are the greatest thing to come out of Iceland since Björk. We at Iceland Magazine must agree - the Kattarshians are definitely the most adorable celebrities Iceland has ever produced!

If you don't have access to UPtv, or if you can't wait to get your daily doze of kittens playing, you can tune into the Kattarshians at or check out their youtube channels. 

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