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Kim Kardashian stops at famous hot-dog stand, orders hot-dog with just one of five traditional condiments

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  • One of the most popular eateries in Reykjavík Bæjarins Beztu is one of the oldest continiously operating businesses in Reykjavík. It was opened in 1937, and has always been owned and operated by the same family. Photo/Stefán Karlsson.

Kim Kardashian is currently visiting Iceland along with her husband, musician Kanye West, and a large entourage. The group has visited the “golden circle”, taken a helicopter tour and eaten at some fine restaurants, while documenting every step on social media.

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Bæjarins bestu, bæjarins beztu, Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton at Bæjarins Beztu Clinton visited the hot dog stand more than a decade ago. Photo/

As every visitor knows, no visit to Reykjavík or Iceland, and certainly no culinary tour of the country, is complete without a visit to the historic hot-dog stand Bæjarins Beztu, by the old harbour in downtown Reykjavík. Kim Kardashian therefore stopped at the hot-dog stand yesterday to taste what Bill Clinton once famously called “the best hot dogs in the world”.

But just like Clinton, Kim Kardashian took an extremely picky, or safe approach to the hot dog: Bill Clinton ordered his with only mustard. According to Skúli Þórðarson, who works at the hot-dog stand Kim Kardashian ordered a hotdog with just ketchup.

Skúli told the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service RÚV that Kim didn't order the hotdog herself, but had a member of the entourage place the order while she stood by. 

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Traditionally Icelandic hot-dogs have five condiments. In addition to ketchup and mustard Icelanders put remoulade on their hotdogs, as well as crispy fried onions and raw onions. According to Icelandic hot-dog etiquette you can leave out one condiment, or order a hot dog with additional amounts of a second. 

Leaving out four of the five condiments is generally only done by children or people who are extremely picky eaters. As well as world leaders and foreign Reality-TV stars, it seems.

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