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Kex hostel celebrates its 5 year anniversary with various events between 26 April and 1 May

By Staff

  • Kex Hostel Home to events as diverse as Jazz concerts, beer festivals and shearing competitions, Kex is celebrating its five year anniversary later this month. Photo/Kex.

On 26 April Kex Hostel will be launching its five year anniversary celebration with a Jazz concert, followed up with two more concerts on 30 April and 1 May as well as a Vinyl market and the launch of a travel fund to support up-and coming Icelandic bands on international concert tours.

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Kex Hostel was first opened on 26 April 2011 in the abandoned Frón biscuit factory in downtown Reykjavík. The hostel has been popular among foreign visitors who are drawn to the raw and eclectic atmosphere. According to the hostel some guests have liked it, and Reykjavík, so much that they have ended up moving to Iceland. After staying at the hostel for 84 nights consecutively one guest moved to Iceland permanently, working as a night guard at Kex hostel.

Kex Hostel has also been the site of numerous festivals and concerts, including the annual Icelandic Beer Festival. The regular Kex Jazz concerts have also offered an important addition to the Icelandic music scene. A total of 231 such concerts have been held since 2011.

The April 26, April 30 and May 1 concerts start at 20:30. Admission is free.

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