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Keflavík Police arrests drunk woman, attacked a stewardess, bit fellow passenger

By Staff

  • Leiffstöð terminal There have been unusually many reports of disorderly passengers at Keflavík Airport in recent weeks. Photo/Valli

A passenger on board a plane headed for Iceland had to be subdued and tied to her seat after she attacked a stewardess and fellow passengers. The woman, who has been described as having lost control of herself after excessive consumption of alcohol, was arrested by Police upon landing in Keflavík.

The woman had consumed significant quantities of alcohol before she became rowdy and belligerent on board the plane. She then proceeded to attack one of the cabin crew. When fellow passengers tried to intervene the woman turned her rage toward them, clawing and biting. One of the passengers was bit in the arm by the woman before they succeeded in subduing her and tying her down to her seat.

When the plane arrived in Keflavík Police entered the plane to arrest the woman. Instead of cooperating with the officers the woman resumed her previous out of control behavior, resisting arrest. After Police had managed to handcuff the woman she was taken to the Police station where she was charged with disorderly conduct, public intoxication, assault and violation of the air safety code.

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